KARIS Fitness Studio, a BarreAmped partner studio, is a community of women encouraging one another to become stronger and healthier, mind, body and spirit. 

This is KARIS

While barre has been our foundation, it’s not all we do.  All classes are form focused and give special attention to supporting the female body. Not only is KARIS a WOMEN ONLY studio, but we offer FREE childcare!




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BarreAmped Foundations

This is the perfect class to learn the basics of barre. No matter your skill level, you will get a great full body workout!


BarreAmped Bounce

A Foundations class done on JumpSport rebounders. Gentle bouncing done in between barre sets is about 60% less impact on the joints than anything done on the floor, but it’s an excellent way to help maintain or even build bone mass.


BarreAmped PowerStretch 

 Are you working or are you stretching? Flow from barre work into a stretch and back into the work. You will leave feeling both sufficiently worked and blissfully stretched.


Active / Active Restore Stretch

All skill levels will find both strengthening work with balance holds as well as deep stretching holds. *Active Restore will include more time in restorative holds.



Whether its core, upper body or lower body, this class use physics to optimize the load on the muscles. Work is done at optimal set up for the joints and ranges of motion for the muscles.


Cardio Dance

A fun and sneaky way to get your cardio in for the week. Choreography is repeated in a rotation giving you plenty of time to get comfortable with the dances. *Clean sneakers are recommended for this class.


Short Circuits

While this class lean toward high intensity, both the strength and cardio intervals are perfectly scalable to any fitness level. *Clean sneakers are recommended for this class.


BarreAmped Cardio Barre

A great way to ease into adding more cardio to your routine. We simply add some gentle, low intensity, low impact cardio intervals to our Foundations barre work.


BarreAmped Tabata

A quick 30 minute class combining barre work with high intensity cardio intervals.


BarreAmped Fire

Deeper ranges of motion, longer holds and more advanced options make up a fun and possibly addicting Fire class. *It is recommended you have taken at least 10 Foundations classes to build a solid barre foundation before trying Fire.



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Contact Info & Location


502 N Garden St

Suite 204 & 206

Columbia TN 38401